Glendale, CA

About Us

About James Kirakosian, Owner

Premium One Plumbing was founded in 2003 by James Kirakosian after he had been working as one of the Glendale plumbers for a number of years. James Kirakosian has been in the industry for 30 years plus, and started plumbing trade school in 1989; however, the journey wasn’t an easy one. James moved to the USA in 1988 to pursue a better life and more Glendale plumbers opportunities. James picked up any job he could to make ends meet for him and his family. Upon graduating, he started working for a plumbing company and moved his way up to become a manager. James was not only great with customers and very knowledgeable, he invented new and innovative techniques for his company at the time, which amazed his higher-ups. When customers would frequently request James to keep them satisfied, he decided to start his own business by getting a contractor’s license in early 2001 and wanted to make customer’s of his own happy and satisfied. James Kirakosian thereon founded Premium One Plumbing. The name Premium One Plumbing means premium quality and to be a customer’s number one go-to guy. In 2013, James was awarded the 1st place title for top-performing plumbing contractor nationwide! How many Glendale plumbers could say that? James’ hard work and dedication has led to him owning a successful company that leaves many customers extremely satisfied; so much so that James has customers that he’s served for over 20 years!

Why James Got Into The Business

Ever since James was young, he was very handy and fixed anything that was broken around the house; you would name it and he would fix it. James went through many trades before he decided that he would become one of the Glendale plumbers of choice. He first started out as a mechanic, which was inspired by his father, and then became a dental technician, and finally became a plumber. James became a plumber since he was one of the types of people that were too energetic and could not spend his whole day in an office setting. He loved making friends with his customers along the way and enjoys seeing his customers happy after he finishes the job. James has always been on top of everything and never fails to let others down. Economic downturns rarely impact the trades, making work is still needed in good times and bad. James has always been handy and becoming one of the top Glendale plumbers in the area means that he could fix anything, like toilets, showers, pipes, by himself without having to make a call. Plumbing has also been a good way for James to bond with his three sons, showing them how they can fix up their house and at the same time having a fatherly bond! Also, helping other people makes James happy and he is never seen without a smile on his face.

Vision for Premium One Plumbing

James’ hopes for Premium One Plumbing are to always be on top of things and satisfy his customer’s to the fullest, whether that means always having up-to-date technology and materials, making sure that it is easy for customers to follow up with you and contact you, and setting the right expectations. James always strives to meet each customer’s needs and be honest and reasonable by not overpricing. In the future, James sees Premium One Plumbing as a top leading plumbing service in the area with a team of expert Glendale plumbers. In 2013, James has gotten the award for the #1 best plumbing contractor in a top home insurance company and is in hopes that he can do it again. James Kirakosian hopes to keep Premium One Plumbing with a positive and growth mindset, willing to hear out customers and do his best in ensuring that they are left satisfied with the work done. James hopes he can get Glendale plumbers to be able to satisfy the needs of his customers and to help, or satisfy more customers in the same amount of time (James cares very much about his customers’ experiences). He aspires to have many customers that he can socialize and make friends with in the future. James says, “Premium One Plumbing is not in it for the money, but for satisfying the people. And if we can’t do that, then we have failed.”

Why You Should Work for Premium One Plumbing

Premium One Plumbing is one of the top-rated plumbing services in the region of Glendale, CA. Owned by James Kirakosian (named best plumbing contractor in 2013 by AHS), Premium One Plumbing always looks on the bright side of things and is always on top of things. Premium One Plumbing has very great and up to date materials and offers many things for the Glendale plumbers that are on the team! Some perks are having a flexible schedule of working hours, not making you worry about if you are going to make it to any special events you have in mind. Also, Premium One Plumbing offers support and training to get better in plumbing. The owner of Premium One Plumbing is one of the most highly-skilled Glendale plumbers and has been in the business for almost 30 years now and has a good reputation around Los Angeles. Premium One Plumbing helps its employees with getting better in the trade and performing well with customers. Living and operating in Glendale, CA, one of the top ten safest places to live, Premium One Plumbing provides a great working environment for the Glendale plumbers that work there. Premium One Plumbing is willing to provide some materials necessary for work and always promotes a smile on everyone’s face.

We would love the opportunity to earn the position as your top choice of Glendale plumbers for all of your plumbing needs. If you have any questions or would like to get scheduled we would love for you to give us a call today! We are always prompt and eager to communicate with you as customer service is our top priority. We promise to do our very best to provide you reliable service so that you never have to look through all the Glendale plumbers again as you have Premium One Plumbing that you can trust!