Glendale, CA


Residential Plumbing

Our Glendale plumbers at Premium One Plumbing specialize in residential plumbing. Residential includes toilet repair, drain cleaning, toilet replacement, faucet repair and replacement, water heater repair and replacement, drain line cleaning, sewer line cleaning, sewer line replacement, clean out installation, water main repair and replacement, pressure regulators, garbage disposals, water lines repair and replacement, gas line repair and replacement, sewer ejector pumps, sump pumps, hydro jet, and many more and more. As Glendale plumbers, we love serving our residential customers as we are able to build relationships with the families in our community and provide the top quality services.

Water Heater Services

Premium One Plumbing installs and repairs water heaters. You can depend and trust Premium One Plumbing and our Glendale plumbers expertise in finding and choosing the high quality and right water heater. The customer can purchase a water heater from Premium One Plumbing or Premium One Plumbing can install a water heater that has been purchased by the customer. Consumers who own tankless water heaters are not aware of the regular maintenance required to be done, which includes descaling the water heater once a year or flushing the water heater once a year to protect from the sediment buildup. Most manufacturers have a six-year warranty on water heaters. Premium One Plumbing can also send one of our expert Glendale plumbers to come out and inspect to see if the water heater is up to code.

Drain Cleaning

Premium One Plumbing works hard to unclog any drain. All Glendale plumbers know that clogged drains are extremely common. Most people clean drains when a buildup happens, but Premium One Plumbing recommends having one of our expert Glendale plumbers out to do routine maintenance to avoid building during holidays and so forth. Clogged drains are more common when you have cast iron or galvanized drain pipes, drain lines get clogged more often, just like human arteries. Premium One Plumbing offers a snake to unclog the drain line or to hydro jet the consumer’s drain lines. Premium One Plumbing also offers drain and sewer line replacement with new technology. If you are needing your drains unclogged but are also wanting to make sure everything is done to ensure this does not happen frequently then give us a call! One of our Glendale plumbers will come out to assess the situation, solve it, and then give you options on how to best proceed in order to prevent any further issues from reoccurring. You cannot avoid or stop drains from clogging but with a good plumbing company on your side, like Premium One Plumbing, we can provide solutions that allow you to experience the pains of clogged drains a lot less frequently.

Routine Maintenance & Check-Ups

Anytime a plumbing issue occurs there is always the concern of how big the problem may really be and how large the price of fixing it may become. When you have a team of reliable Glendale plumbers that you can trust, it will allow you to be able to avoid potential problems and diagnose issues at the root instead of just putting a temporary bandaid over the problem. We highly encourage you to join our maintenance program so that you can receive the fullest benefits of being a Premium One Plumbing customer. This will give you better access to our Glendale plumbers team and provide you with many benefits. If you are interested in learning more please give us a call! We highly encourage having a plumber come out twice a year to do an inspection on all your major plumbing systems to ensure that small issues are addressed before they turn into large problems! This small fee to have a plumber out will be nothing compared to the money you save from avoiding those costly plumbing problems!


Anytime you are remodeling your home or a room of your home, you are committing to a big investment! There are so many aspects that could go wrong plus a lot of moving parts that are happening all at once. The last thing you or your general contractor want to have to worry about is faulty plumbing. If you do not do your research on the Glendale plumbers in the area before hiring one for your remodeling job you could be looking at a major expense and a huge headache! The plumbing is an aspect of your job that happens early on and if it is not done properly it can be detrimental to the entire project plus a major hit to your budget! At Premium One Plumbing we pride ourselves on having a team of expert Glendale plumbers that are able to tackle all kinds of projects including remodeling work. Whether you are a general contractor looking for a subcontractor or a resident looking to hire out the work on your own, we would love for you to give us a call! Just a quick search on google and you will see that we are clearly your best choice out of all the Glendale plumbers to perform such important work! If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call us today! We would love to set you up for a consultation so that we can learn more about what your needs are and be able to come up with a game plan.

Never have to go searching through all the many Glendale plumbers out there, wondering who is going to do honest high-quality work without compromising on customer service! At Premium One Plumbing we are able to tackle almost any plumbing job and will make sure you are 100% satisfied with our work before we finish. Through high standards, ongoing training, and the constant desire to serve our customers better, we are honored to be considered one of the best Glendale plumbers in the area. No matter what plumbing job you are looking to get taken care of, we would be honored for the opportunity to earn your business and gain you as a customer for life!